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International Business: Why (& How) You Need to Go Global!

29 January 2013 By Ann Donnelly

If you are looking for ways to increase profits and expand your business you should consider possible international business opportunities. Rather than cutting costs to the bone and going to local networking meetings around the clock, look to...

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Setting Up a Business in Ireland: Practical Advice for Foreign Businesses

13 December 2012 By Ann Donnelly

If you are a foreign company or individual, thinking of setting up a business in Ireland, you may be wondering about the practical aspects of getting started; like finding office space, hiring staff or opening an Irish bank account. The services and...

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Company Formation Agents Service - Why We Want To Work With You

08 November 2012 By Ann Donnelly

With the redevelopment of our website, we've added a facility for accountants, lawyers/solicitors and other agents to sign up for our Agent Service. Okay, the name may be hokey, but we really want to encourage more professionals to work with us to...

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Company Formations Ireland - New Look, New Packages for All Types of Start Ups

01 November 2012 By Ann Donnelly

We hope you like our new look website and find it easy to use.

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Advantages of a Private Limited Company

18 October 2012 By Ann Donnelly

There are many advantages of a Private Limited Company in Ireland:
  • In Ireland a limited liability company enjoys low corporate tax rates & beneficial cash flow. Ireland's Corporate Tax Rate of 12.5% is one of the lowest in the World.
  • Google is...
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