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Company Formation Agents Service - Why We Want To Work With You

08 November 2012 By Ann Donnelly

With the redevelopment of our website, we've added a facility for accountants, lawyers/solicitors and other agents to sign up for our Agent Service.  Okay, the name may be hokey, but we really want to encourage more professionals to work with us to set up companies for their clients, so we are offering the following as part of the package:

  • 20% off fees for our services
  • Streamlined Irish Limited Company Order Form
  • Access to content specific to your needs on our website and our newsletter

Why are we going to this extra trouble to get you to work with us?

We enjoy working with like minded professionals that strive to provide an expert, high level of service for their clients and we find that it's a great fit for our business. We have already developed a number of relationships along these lines and in many cases we have referred clients in the other direction as well, so it's a win-win situation.

Whether you are a company formations agent based in another country, or an Irish legal or accountancy firm looking to provide additional services for your clients; our service is the ideal solution for you.

Click here to Sign Up for our Agent Service!

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