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Covid Restrictions Support Scheme (CRSS) - Tips to Help Your Cash Flow

11 December 2020 By Michael O'Mahony

The Covid Restrictions Support Scheme (CRSS) was introduced in October 2020 to assist businesses who were impacted by government lockdowns and suffered a resulting substantial reduction in turnover of 75% or more.

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Irish Property and Construction - Tax  Guidance for Investors & Developers

04 December 2020 By Michael O'Mahony

If you are looking at investing in Ireland in real estate or in undeveloped property with a view to develop it, then you will need to understand a whole range of legal and taxation rules before committing to a transaction.

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Employment Versus Self Employment - Tax Tips on How to Save You Money

25 November 2020 By Michael O'Mahony

The classification between employment versus self-employment has for many years been a contentious issue between the Revenue Commissioners and Employers. 

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Digital Services Tax - Pressure Mounting on Ireland's Corporations?

19 November 2020 By Michael O'Mahony

Proposals for the introduction of a Digital Services Tax (DST) are well underway in many countries including the EU, USA & many other countries.

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Irish Tax Tips - VAT- Ten Ways to Get It Right and Save Money!

11 November 2020 By Michael O'Mahony

Ten Irish Tax Tips on Value Added Tax  (VAT) That You Can Follow  To Get it Right and Save Money For Your business!

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