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Meet Xeinadin Group - helping you and your business

16 October 2023 By Michael O'Mahony

We’re pleased to be part of Xeinadin Group – a business advisory and accountancy group made up of over 130 offices and over 1,700 team members.

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New EU Anti-Money Laundering Law to Make Business Ownership More Transparent

27 April 2017 By Michael O'Mahony

A new EU Anti-Money Laundering law is expected to make company ownership more transparent.

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1st June 2015 Brings Changes for Irish Limited Companies Under Companies Act 2014

21 May 2015 By Ann Donnelly

The Irish Companies Act 2014 will take effect from 1st June 2015, bringing changes that will make it easier to set up a company in Ireland and easier to manage going forward.
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Irish Budget 2015: Impact on International Business

15 October 2014 By Ann Donnelly

Now that the Irish Budget for 2015 has been revealed, it's time to have a look at the implications for international businesses that have set up in Ireland or are looking to do so.

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The Benefits of Doing Business in Ireland: What the BBC and the G8 Countries Did Not Want You to Hear!

20 June 2013 By Michael O'Mahony

Having a good tax accountant to sort out your taxes saves you time - about 10 to 15 years in fact, depending on the tax offence!!

Getting ready to go on air. BBC presenter Andy Verity with Conor Healy from Cork Chamber of Commerce and economists...
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