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Xeinadin Group – our mission, vision and values

23 October 2023 By Michael O'Mahony



We’d like to continue to introduce you to Xeinadin Group and explain why our shared mission, vision and values are such a great fit for our business – and for you.

Our Mission:

Our mission is to inspire SMEs and their owner-managers in the UK and Ireland to overcome challenges and achieve their business and personal goals.

We do this by providing a wide range of business advisory and accountancy services, led by locally forged, trusted relationships and supported by the innovative data-driven technology, leading industry expertise, centralised back-office support and power of a collaborative international group.

Our local presence enables us to build and maintain established local relationships, while being part of the group means we benefit from investment in the best support and resources – meaning we can provide world-class professional services, delivered with a personal touch.

Our Vision:

We strive to be the most trusted business advisory and accountancy group for owner-managers of small and medium sized enterprises across the UK and Ireland.

We know that we need to be your trusted advisors to help you navigate a wide range of challenges and reach your goals, both at work and in your personal lives. 

We understand you need close relationships with a small number of advisors to cater for multiple needs, safe in the knowledge that we’ll have the same qualities and culture you’ve come to expect from us as your business grows.

Our Values:

Our Values drive the behaviours and standards that we demonstrate in our work and in our relationship with you. We are...

Innovative: New technology-driven competitors and platforms are disrupting every market including our own. We must always strive to innovate, to find new and better solutions to your challenges, to remain relevant.

Collaborative: Working together as a Group enables us to deliver the best solutions for you, removing the limitations of geography or size. 

Future-focused: Our clients care about what their future holds. We help you see around corners and make your future more successful. 

Relationship-driven: Close trusted relationships are at the very heart of our business model. Our clients want fewer advisors they can trust to support them with more things, and valuing these relationships is vital to being able to give you the personalised advice and support you want. 

Caring: We care about you and your future success. We are not here merely to provide a service or earn fees; we are here to help you achieve your personal and business goals, and to do that, we must treat you as we would treat those closest to us. 

Respectful: Our business relationships work best when they are founded on mutual respect. As such, we respect all clients and their individual circumstances, providing a consistent level of professional service to all our clients.

We look forward to sharing more with you soon about who we are and how we can help you.

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