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Registering a Company Name in Ireland

30 August 2016 By Ann Donnelly

In Ireland registering a company name is part of setting up a company with the Companies Registration Office and is different to registering a 'business name'.  Click for more about Business Name Registration.

Company Name Search Ireland

When you submit your order for an Irish Limited Company, we will check that your Proposed Company Name is suitable and likely to be accepted by the Companies Registration Office.  Requirements for the name of your Irish Limited Company is stricter than for a "Business Name Registration".

The following guidelines should be considered when selecting a Company Name for registration:

  • Proposed company name cannot be the same as or similar to a name already on the register unless permission is given by the owners of the existing company.
  • If the proposed company name is similar to a name on the register it may be accepted provided a distinguishing word is included in the company name that identifies your unique business activity.
  • Generic words such as Ireland, services, international etc are not considered to be sufficient in distinguishing company names.
  • Certain words may not be included in company names unless permission is given by certain bodies.
  • Proposed company name cannot be offensive.
  • Proposed company name cannot suggest state sponsorship.
  • Proposed company name should be carefully chosen so as not to be misleading i.e. should not contain the word group in the name if it is an independent trading company.
  • It is advisable that the business should neither trade under the chosen limited company name or print letterheads or other company stationery until the name has been confirmed by the Companies Registration Office.
  • If you are registering an internet domain name you may require a limited company Certificate of Incorporation in your chosen name before the domain registrar will approve your registration.
  • You should be satisfied before proceeding with company name registration that it does not conflict with an existing trademark or business name.

Company Name Check and Advice on suitability is included in our Limited Company Packages.

Click here to view our Irish Limited Company Packages

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