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Recruiting Staff in Ireland - An Insider's View

14 March 2017 By Ann Donnelly

Recruiting high quality staff is a challenge for all businesses, but foreign businesses have to do much more research before even getting started. A foreign business needs to learn about Irish employment law and practices, the employment market...

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12.5% Irish Corporation Tax Rate - or is it 25%?

05 December 2016 By Ann Donnelly

While there is much talk about the low 12.5% corporation tax rate in Ireland, it's important to know that this is only for trading income in Ireland. Non-trading (passive) income is taxed at the higher 25% rate.

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Company Directors Beware - Complacency with Legal Duties can be Costly

30 November 2016 By Ann Donnelly

If you are a Company Director, or planning on becoming one, it's important to be aware of the responsibilities the role takes and the penalties that may arise if you do not take these responsibilities seriously.

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Irish Tax Incentives Attracting Overseas Investment

15 November 2016 By Ann Donnelly

Ireland’s taxation system contains many incentives used in attracting overseas Investment to Ireland some of which make it easier to do business here.

Corporate Taxation

Ireland has for many years had a flat 12.50% corporate tax rate applicable...

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The 16 Best Online Resources to Start a Business in Ireland

25 October 2016 By Ann Donnelly

Whether you like it or not, the internet has become our most used resource for information about starting up and running a business.  I started my career in Ireland as an online marketer so I've always had my eye on what sites provide the best...

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